Dr. David Byers is a homeschooling father, college professor, author, and now a  grandfather, too! 

 He has been married to his wife and best friend for 33 years. They had 7 children and have 3  

    -Their oldest two children graduated college and are successful in their career fields: Library Science         and Human Resource Management. Both earned half-tuition scholarships!

    --Two children are in college now. One is pursuing a degree in education and one is pursuing a degree     in veterinary science. One child earned a half-tuition scholarship and the other earned a full, 5-year 

    --The two remaining Byers children are in high school and are still being homeschooled.

     David and his wife, Chandra, are authors of the bestselling books: 
     College-Prep Homeschooling 
    Leadership Lessons for Homeschooled Teens


 David earned his Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Teaching and Learning. 

 His first master's degree is in Adult and Continuing Education.

 His second master's degree is in History & Leadership. He earned three academic certifications in: 

  • Leadership in Western Civilization
  • Leadership Morals and Ethics
  • Leadership in U.S. Businesses. 

 His bachelor's degree is in Speech, Communication, and Theater.

 He also completed multiple college courses/credits in Early Childhood Education and Adult Education/Training.


 Dr. Byers is a full-time professor at a private university in Nebraska where he currently is the Program  Director and  professor in two undergraduate degree programs: Leadership and Adult Education.

 During his years of teaching at the college level, Dr. Byers has taught numerous courses in a variety of disciplines  including: Business, Management, Leadership, American History, American Government, World  History, Western  
 Civilization,  and Early Childhood Education, to name a few. He has taught both  undergraduate and graduate college 

 Dr. Byers has served homeschooling families with his courses for students in grades 7-12 for several years now. He  uses the same courses he has used and continues to use to teach his own children in the same grades.

 The courses Dr. Byers teaches are not only designed to teach the students about the subject matter in the course,  but also to help students learn and develop the critical thinking and writing skills needed to be successful in college  and in life. The homeschooling families he serves are located throughout the U.S. and the world; they have been very  pleased with Dr. Byers'  courses.

 In addition to teaching in class, Dr. Byers is an expert in developing and teaching both in-class and    
 online courses. He has also conducted numerous training courses and has given presentations for  multiple  businesses and organizations. 

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Meet Dr. David Byers
  Leadership for You may not seem to be the words parents would use to search  the web for homeschooling courses, but that's just part of what makes 
 Dr. Byers' services unique in the homeschooling market that is otherwise  flooded with homeschooling teachers and materials. 

  Leadership for You began, more than 25 years ago when David and his wife  started homeschooling. Having a background in education, he was excited to  explore the option of teaching their children at home, but his wife, Chandra, was  much less enthused and perhaps with good reason. At that time, 
 homeschooling was still not legal in all 50 states and it was not  easy to find  companies that would provide educational materials to individual  families.  

  Some organizations would sell textbooks to homeschoolers and others would  just rent them. And, the materials provided usually did not include a teacher's  edition or instructions about how to teach the subject. So, David  provided his  wife with all the learning materials and teaching instructions for their children's  courses. He then started working on his first master's degree and for his thesis  he studied why some parents chose to teach their children at home and why  others did not. Many did not even know homeschooling existed as an  educational option and the lack of resources made such a decision all the more  daunting to families.

​  Leadership for You started taking form ten years later as David worked on his  doctoral degree. For his dissertation, he studied the life choices that  homeschooled  teens make after completing high school at home. Knowing that  many families stop  homeschooling after 8th grade, David explored the many  reasons behind those decisions. For many families, there was fear based on a  lack of confidence in their  abilities to teach their children all the way through  high school despite the many fears  and objections some parents had with  sending their children "out" for high school. 

  Thus, seeing a need to help families teach their children at home all the way        through  high school became the motivation behind the Byers' first book  (David's co-authored with his wife, Chandra)--College-Prep  Homeschooling! Their second book, Leadership Lessons for Homeschooled  Teens, explored the topic of preparing for college and life by helping teens view  their life choices as personal, active choices to behave as leaders rather than  followers.

   And, while he swore he was finished going to school, David ended up with an    incredible opportunity to earn a second master's degree; this one was focused    on both leadership and history--two of his passions. Thus, as part of his        
 studies, David wrote over 30 chapters of a new book he plans to publish. In his  work he developed a leadership evaluation matrix and studied over 75 leaders  from the earliest written records of humanity to the present day. David earned  three academic certificates along with his master's degree as he studied leaders  in three areas:
  • Leadership in Western Civilization
  • Leadership Morals and Ethics
  • Leadership in U.S. Businesses.

  Leadership for You became the culmination of years of research and writing  about homeschooling and leadership. Wanting to help homeschooling families  who wanted to teach their children all the way through high school, David  combined his academic degrees, his extensive teaching experience as a  professor, and the courses he developed and taught to his own homeschooled  children during high school to create Leadership for You. The title of his  business explains the philosophy behind it--to serve the educational needs of  homeschooling families through Leadership for You!